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juste un bruit

I'm sorry I only got to see the last ten minutes of Ask Any Girl, because Shirley Maclaine's drunk scene + David Niven bashing up Rod Taylor = joy.

On a completely unrelated note, I need to start studying French again. It's annoying enough when you read something in French and can't translate it; it's even more annoying when you read something and you know you used to be able to translate it but can't anymore. I've been listening to some Paris Combo, I just adore their music, and their lyrics, and it's frustrating not to be able to translate them easily. I'm listening to "Sous La Lune", which I can understand, and I've fallen in love with the lyrics:

Sans rancune, sous la lune
On applaudit les somnambules
Pas trop fort, juste un réconfort
Pour leurs efforts
Dans la nuit, juste un bruit
Celui de leurs pas sur les toits
Cible, ô sensible, tu t'immobilises
Au bord de l'abîme

Trois pas en arrière
Que glacent nos artères
Trois pas en avant
Pour prendre le temps
D'imaginer la chute, mais chuuute...

Still, I don't actually understand what the song is about. Sleepwalkers? The abyss? Huh? Oh well, at least the music is pretty.

ETA: I've been capping some of 8 1/2 and thought I'd put this shot of Marcello Mastroianni up because it makes me giggle. Plus, I love me some Italian man candy.
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