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3 reasons why I hate my cat right now.

1. He decided my pillow would be perfect for his bed today. My pillowcase was just washed this weekend, and now it has bunches of orange fur all over it. Bastard.
2. Do cats, like, shit for a living?
3. I never let him outside after dark, and yet he's been crying for the past two hours to go outside. Ahhhhhhhhh. He just won't. Shut. Up.

I'm so lost with this Education essay. I can write it, but I've no idea where to find references. They tell us we need at least three besides the textbook, when everything is in the textbook anyway. I know how to research History and English essays, but Cognitive bloody Psychology? Arrrrrrrgh.


I need to go study now. Or strangle my cat. One or the other.

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