jiving us that we were voodoo (elisheba_hotdog) wrote,
jiving us that we were voodoo

Friday, Friday.

I hereby make a solemn vow that I will NEVER eat KFC again.
Except maybe the chips, because they're much of a muchness. And the fillet burger, but only from Kings Park because I trust them not to drown the fillet in grease until I have enough oil running off my burger to fuel a car.
But everything else is right out.

And I changed my userinfo again. Frank and Marlon are sexy.

My sister has gotten me into anime, a bit. Samurai Champloo and God Save Our King are the bestest. It's good to know that even though studios like Disney have given up hand drawn animation, it's still going strong and reaching such great heights in Japan. Last night we watched Samurai Champloo then John Mills and Jean Simmons in Great Expectations. I loved Jean, Sarah hated her, and we spent the whole time trying to talk like John but we just couldn't get those delicious vowels right. Well, I couldn't anyway. I could never be a London dandy, my vowels are too flat and un-snazzy.

Should I go into the Art Gallery on Sunday and see Lenny? Or stay at home and try write an essay on Nancy in Oliver Twist? Free Dustin Hoffman/Bob Fosse sounds too good to give up, but I'm going out tomorrow and today and Monday, so maybe I should have a day at home to make some headway on my essays. Whaddya think?

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