jiving us that we were voodoo (elisheba_hotdog) wrote,
jiving us that we were voodoo

Saw the Marlene documentary this afternoon. It was so fantastic. I have no words.

Though whenever I watch them give out the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars from now on I'll be hearing Marlene in my head calling it the "deathbed award". Or screaming "Kitsch!" Or... something like that. See this film, it's wonderful.

Also, I went to a huge cattle call recruitment this morning for Greater Union cinemas. Got through the group interview and have a one-on-one tomorrow. I really hope I get through because we all know how much I destest my current job. I'm working three nights this week (after taking this week off, they insist I work extra this week, bastards), and I don't particularly feel like doing surveys on the phone when I could be at home writing my essays. Or not writing my essays, as it happens so far. I have my test and another history paper due Wednesday and three narratives due in Thursday and I'm sure I'm going to die of stress sometime this week. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I only wish they could tell me tomorrow if I have the job at the cinema or not, because then I could call up and cancel my shifts at the call centre this week, hah.

Oh, and the May Day rally was on in Hyde Park today and it was fun to see the communists out, because I do love hearing people call each other "comrade" and chant about united workers and run around with red balloons. Cause it makes me think of "99 Luftballons". Then it makes me think of communists dancing to "99 Luftballoons". Lenin and German 80s pop are fun fun fun.

I'm tired and I wish this book would summarise itself so I could go watch the Logies and cringe.

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