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Thinking aloud.

6:00 --> My Education essay is done, though I need to slip in all my references tomorrow. I have... the first paragraph done on my Military Revolution essay. I have five more to write, not including intro and conclusion. These are both due at 5pm tomorrow which means I'll have to leave at... 2:15. And Liza With A Z is on TV in an hour and a half. Dilemma! What's a stressed, 2500-words-to-write-in-12-hours-on-a-subject-she-knows-nothing-about girl to do? Concentrate on the essay? Or watch Liza be fabulous?

ETA: Or, I could just sit here and listen to Wings until Liza comes on. How the hell am I going to write about these changes in infantry tactics? I don't know what the hell happened, so I'm just going to listen to Band On the Run because I'm lame.

I'm going to go friends only tomorrow because I just realised I don't want complete strangers reading my stupid ramblings. You have been warned.

ETA (again, 8:45): OMGZ LIZA you are so fabulous I want to watch Liza With A Z 4evazzzzzzz.

ETA (12:00, I'm going to be doing this all night): My essay makes no sense, is only half finished and I'm falling asleep. I can hear Lina Lamont in my head shrieking "What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?"

ETA (3:00): FINISHED. The whole ten pages make no sense, but I don't give a shit anymore. Proofreading and references will be sorted when I wake up. Realised I have no ink left in the printer. Damn. Really want to watch Cabaret. Will go play soundtrack loudly instead and wake up sister. Mwa ha ha.

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