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There's nothing left, all gone and run away.

ANZAC Day. I'm a little sorry I didn't get to go to the dawn service in town, but I have mucho history work to complete. I'm watching The Desert Rats at noon instead - my dad's naval ship is named after Tobruk, and Bud Tingwell is in the movie, so it should be interesting. I also really want to see the new Kokoda film that's come out in cinemas, because it's good to get out there and support an Aussie movie. I'd like to go to Kokoda one day, rather than Gallipoli. My grandfather fought there, and I'd love to travel around Papua New Guinea and see what it's like. Plus, it's closer than Turkey ;)

I made the mistake of walking into Borders yesterday and came out with La Strada, La Dolce Vita, Jules et Jim and the OBC of Bells Are Ringing. Bad Libby, bad.

Watched Velvet Goldmine again last night with my sister after I got home from work. I still have "Come Up And See Me" in my head. Ooooooh la la la.

ETA: I was tagged to do this by blackat81:
1. Trace your latest obsession back to the first entry you mentioned it in your LJ.
2. Post the entry in your LJ, and put this before it.
3. Tag three other people to do this.

Ummmmmmmmmmm. Hell, what's my current obsession? I have too many. I'll just spam you with this icon I found by oollah:

made by oollah

Oh yeah.
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blame it on the bacardi

I hope you're having fun.

*sings*BAAAAAAND on the run,
BAAAAAAAAAND on the run,
and the gaoler main and sailor sam were searching everyone for the
band on the run, band on the run, band on the run, band on the run...

I go kind of crazy when I've just finished an essay early in the morning. Wings kind of crazy. I need to go to bed.


What the hell is this song about? Next up I'll be singing to "Baby I'm Amazed" Or is it "Maybe I'm Amazed"? I'm confused. Paul and Linda are confusing me.
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blame it on the bacardi

Hello caffeine, my old friend.

I HATE the last seven weeks of semester. Too many essays due, too many exams and too many late nights in front of the computer trying to find some bullshit to write about some vague historical debate while I curse myself for drinking Coke to stay awake after I swore off it last year.

But there's free films in the Art Gallery to keep me entertained. I forced my mother to drive me back to Sydney earlier this morning so I could go in and see The Bad and The Beautfiful. It was one of the scratchiest prints I've ever seen, but it was worth it. Seeing the film on TV didn't really wow me that much, but on the big screen with a lively audience everything seemed to come together. Vincente Minelli (ETA: MINNELLI. PLease, Libby, learn how to spell.) may have been acting gentlemanly when he said Lana Turner was a great actress, but in a lot of her scenes I thought she was fantastic. And Dick Powell, Gloria Grahame and Gilbert Roland, how I do love ye.

Hah, I just said "ye".

So now I absolutely MUST finish this essay while my family watches Backyard Blitz in the next room. Gah. Jamie Durie, please die. Fall into a decorative water feature and just drown, or something.

ETA: NO! My extra-specially-groovy Film In History course for next semester has been cancelled. I may have to take on an extra Education course instead. Dammit. So, what shall it be? Philosophy Issues in Education, Motivation in Learning and Teaching, Human Variation in Education, a course on gifted students or Student Problem Solving? Cause it's all fun fun fun... *coughs*
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blame it on the bacardi

Spam of Random.

Anyone else miss Bill and Ted? Playing Twister with Death = cool.

Yay for rediscovering all my music and picture files on my old computer. Especially this:

Fred makes me lol.

This weekend we're heading up to Newcastle, and I have to beg my mother to let me go back on Sunday morning so I can get to the Art Gallery and see The Bad and The Beautiful. Because I want to see Lana's crash scene on the big screen. How awesomeness.

My microphone is broken, which means no Reelcast segment for me. Le sigh. And I was so excited 'cause it gave me an excuse to listen to the Klenzrite commercial song. It makes me want to buy Klenzrite. If it existed, I would so have it. Just so I could stick the box on my head and do the little dance to the song.

Hahaha, I can't believe I just said that.

Changed my layout to a Last Tango In Paris thingamer. May change it to a Vertigo or La Strada thingamer. Have to get abck to work now, but may just sit here a bit longer and listen to these Babyshambles acoustic recordings. Sarah is right - acoustic is better than the album.

LMAO, the media player just skipped from Babyshambles to Barbra Streisand. I'd like to hear Pete Doherty record "Don't Rain On My Parade", that would be mucho fun.
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Does anyone ever get cramps in their legs when they're lying in bed at night? I know that a lot of people get them when they're swimming or exercising, but I always seem to get them when I'm trying to sleep. And it doesn't make sense. Last night I got the worst one ever, and I was screaming and Sarah had to come and massage my leg - but that just made it worse, and made it hurt more. I couldn't even grab my leg without it hurting, I couldn't flex my foot because my calf muscle had seized up so badly. Sarah tried to explain it had something to do with lactic acid and that it may have something to do with the thyroid condition I may have inherited from my mum, because you're not meant to cramp while you're sleeping. I'm not sure if that's right. And this is why I'd like to know if anyone else ever gets leg cramps while they're sleeping, because then I'll know it's not just me.

Anyway. My calf is still cramped up today, which is unusual. Fun times, kiddies.

I have an awesome idea for one of my histroy essays. We have to come up with our own question, but one of the lecturer's ideas was to write about resistance during WWII in Europe and how that fits into national narratives. Something like that. So I thought I'd narrow that down to one country, which is France because they've more sources, and I have some familiarity with the language, which is a great help because historians seem to assume that translations are pointless. But then I thought writing about resistance is boring, and the French do tosh on about it a bit too much, so I'll talk about collaboration instead. Fun! Cause that's a subject the French aren't touchy about at all.

TCM doesn't want me to write my essays. The Shop Around The Corner, The Philadelphia Story and Four Wives in the one week? I am doomed to fail history and just watch James Stewart and Priscilla Lane movies for the rest of my life.
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(no subject)

John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons = yum. Lace cuffs are always sexy, and I don't know why.

How am I supposed to write two coherent essays on the "Gunpowder Revolution" and collaboration between the French and the Germans during WWII? I'm so completely lost. Maybe I should give up this whole teaching thing, take a nice film course, and then work in a take-away shop for the rest of my life, occasionally lecturing costumers on the importance of film preservation while I serve them their chips and Chiko rolls.

I am stressed, please ignore me.

To attempt to make this post interesting, here's a whammy of cuteness for you:

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Guess the movie, possums, and you win... Wednesday.
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Cal: I finally got around to listening to Agnes Moorehead in Sorry, Wrong Number, and I'm still freaked out. She was marvellous in it, and now I'm going to be creeped out for the rest of the day.

The ads for Roma wine were hilarious, though.

I went to the Easter Show yesterday; ate Cheese On A Stick, saw a fashion parade, scammed free samples of sticky date pudding and curry in the Dome pavillion, bought a Bertie Beetle showbag and watched the woodchopping and horse tent-pegging. All is right with the world.

Only been offline for a couple of days, and already feel hopelessly out of the loop on the friends page. Would rectify this by commenting madly on everyone's journals, but I have to summarise three incredibly boring history books today. Usually any serious study of mine is interspersed with hours of procrastination (watching DVDs, going on the computer, reading David Niven books), so I should be going now if I want to accomplish anything, ever. It's 12pm and already I've read the paper, watched Sweet Charity for the umpteenth time, played my Jesus Christ Superstar cassette from the 70s to have a giggle at and generally ummed and ahhed my way around the house, trying to avoid J.R. Hale's analysis of war and the state during the Renaissance.

Huh. I just typed in "military revolution" in my library's search engine and it comes up with a book on sex and sexuality in Latin America. Aren't search engines fun, kiddies?

Oh, and as I'm doing a Reelcast segment on It's Always Fair Weather (again), I need to know: what does everyone want to know about it? What's there to say? Help me out here, or else it will just be me babbling on annoyingly about Cinemascope and garbage can lids. Gah.
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(no subject)

Angel Face with Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons has to be one the funniest movies I've ever seen. Not that it's meant to be. I just found the soundtrack and the ending and Jean's hairstyle and everything so completely over the top. Wonderful. And Robert Mitchum... yum.

Angela picture I forgot yesterday:
Image hosting by Photobucket

"Two Lost Souls" from Damn Yankees literally won't leave my head. It's like Gwen Verdon is encouraging me to go put on my soundtrack LP and dance around the house stupidly.

It's Good Friday and I had a ham sandwich for breakfast - oops.
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Broadway photos, specially for Cal. And anyone else who wants them, of course. There's Chita, Angela, Nancy, Celeste, Nanette, Mary, Liza, Carol, Gwen, Elaine... But there's more where they came from!

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I am sick. Achoo. I guess that's what I deserve for living off Freddo Frogs for a week.

I got full marks for my Modern Times essay plan, so I hope the essay goes as well, I feel pretty confident. If only I could say the same for my history subjects. I just want it all to be over. I'm on Easter break for a week now, so... I can't be bothered finishing that sentence.

I'm going to watch Gone With The Wind until I have to leave for work.
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